PTSD Service Dog

Ranger Dog Training offers highly sought after specialty training, including PTSD Service Dog Training by a United States Military Veteran.

Ranger Dog Training – Understanding the Importance of PTSD Service Dog Training

Here at Ranger Dog Training, we offer dog owners something truly special - dog training from a former specialist with the U.S. Military. When it comes to training a psychiatric or PTSD Service Dog, there's no one more qualified than a trained soldier with a heart for training dogs. We'll teach your dog to heel, sit, stay, come on command, and many more of the normal optional training commands that will match your needs with your dog’s capabilities.

A specially trained Psychiatric/PTSD Service Dog will be able to go anywhere with their handler and assist them in times of high stress and provide a sense of security. A service dog will provide emotional support, reintegration into society, reduce depression, help cope with anxiety, reduce the frequency and severity of flashbacks, anchor handler to the present, and reduce suicidal ideation. While some PTSD Service Dogs can be trained for many of the same tasks that other service dogs are trained for, including a wide variety of helpful tasks, the specialized tasks and training for which a psychiatric service dog can be trained are customizable, but examples can include:

All service dog training packages from Ranger Dog include:

Find Tasks

From locating help in a dire situation, to finding their lost handler, to helping their handler find a bathroom, empty seat, car, or another person.

Call Tasks

Your PTSD Service Dog can often be trained to call 911, the suicide hotline, or another pre-programmed number on a dog-friendly phone.

Guide Tasks

A well-trained service dog can help guide their handler to a specific item, person, or location, or even help them avoid harmful objects.

Indicate Tasks

Every service dog can be trained to indicate potential hazards, like walls, curbs, stairs, drops, and many other potential hazards or barriers.

Interruption Tasks

One of the biggest benefits of PTSD Service dogs, interruption tasks can help interrupt crying, flashbacks, anxiety, nightmares, and harmful behaviors.

Movement Tasks

This category contains training that ranges from fully blocking their handler from harms way, to bringing a note to a person, to crowd control, and more.

Providing Tasks

A well-trained PTSD Service Dog can provide distraction for their handler, give them an excuse to leave uncomfortable situations, or all kinds of other provisions.

Alert Tasks

This category can include alerting their handler about another person, or alerting someone else that something is wrong with their handler.

In addition to these task categories, your PTSD Service Dog may be trained for assistance in grounding, deep pressure therapy, panic response, creating physical buffers, emotional support, and a whole host of other things that can make huge differences in the lives of someone living with PTSD from military service, accidents, or any other traumatic situation that warrants the need for a certified, registered PTSD Service Dog. For more information on PTSD Service Dog Training from a qualified, certified U.S. Military Veteran, please don’t hesitate to contact us.