Specialized Dog Training

You would be hard pressed to find more capable, more specialized dog training in the Metro Atlanta area than you’ll find with Ranger Dog Training.

Alert Tasks

This can include tasks like alerting another person regarding their handler, alerting their handler regarding another person, or many other alerts.

Carry Tasks

Many service dogs can be trained to carry items for you, like grocery bags and purses. Some dogs can even carry items up and down stairs for you.

Clean Tasks

Did you know that some breeds of dogs can be trained to clean up or tidy up a space by putting unattended items in a basket, or even throwing away trash?

Delivery Tasks

Besides being trained to take an item to their handler, specialty dogs can often be trained to take items to a cashier, or to another person upon command.

Drag Tasks

For items that are too big or oblong to carry, specialty service dogs can be trained to drag certain items to a specific location.

Forward Tasks

Whether leading their handler directionally, or creating momentum for someone walking or in a wheelchair, service dogs are amazing.

Help Tasks

While it may seem like all these are technically help tasks, this category specifically refers to helping handlers sit up, turn over, or remove clothing.

Leading Tasks

Leading tasks largely refers to assistance while guiding their handler, but it can also refer to leading the handler to help the dog put on walking gear.

Mobility Tasks

These range from helping to counterbalance their handler, to fully pulling their handler’s wheelchair, to even assisting with posture changes.

Open/Close Tasks

A service dog that’s trained by experienced professionals can help with items like opening and closing doors, cabinets, the fridge, and much more.

Pulling Tasks

Your service dog can be trained to pull you with a strap to indicate position changes, pull blankets or clothing off you, or even pull and hold heavy doors.

Pushing Tasks

This set of tasks refers to a service dog being trained to push certain buttons, like floor buttons for lamps, as well as being able to nudge paralyzed limbs back in position.

Retrieval Tasks

Many of the tasks that go in the retrieval category would be classified by some as the “fetch” category. But this list is much more extensive and helpful than bringing back a stick.

Turn On/Off Tasks

By training your service dog specifically for their body type and ability level, your dog can be trained to turn on or off buttons and switches with their paw, nose, or even teeth.

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