Silver Level Dog Training

Silver Level Dog Training from Ranger Dog Training is definitely a level above any other standard training packages in the Metro Atlanta area.

Our Silver Level Dog Training Is a Great Total Value, and a Must Have for Your Dog

Ranger Dog Training is the most affordable and professional dog training in town. In the Silver Level of training, you and your furry friend can receive 4 in-home training sessions at your chosen location, and lifetime group training sessions with other Ranger Dog Training participants. You and your dog will share a unique mastery of commands like come, sit, off, quiet, and place. Ranger Dog Training also offers a unique loose leash walking program that is perfect for you and your pup. With Ranger Dog Training, you'll receive the best possible training for you and your dog at an affordable price. Schedule your first session today!

What Will Your Silver Level Dog Training Package from Ranger Dog Include?

Your Silver Level Dog Training Package includes 4 in-home training sessions provided by our trained, certified, experienced dog training experts and lifetime group training sessions. It also includes an array of behavioral training commands that will help keep control of your pooch in a way that boosts their confidence greatly. We can help improve your relationship with your dog in many ways, including loose leash walking, and training them to respond correctly to commands like:

  • Come (beckon your dog to stop doing what they’re doing elsewhere, and come to your location)
  • Sit (sit down next to you in a controlled manner, off the leash, and at a reasonable distance)
  • Off (let your pooch know that it’s time to get off the furniture and find another place to sit)
  • Quiet (this lets Fido know it’s a no-go on the barking, and it’s time to find a better way of expression)
  • Place (whether your dog rests in a crate, bed, or somewhere else, this command takes them there)

Ranger Dog Training – 5-Star Dog Training for all Types of Breeds and Needs

Ranger Dog Training offers the best dog training in Metro Atlanta. We have a silver level dog training package that is affordable enough for handlers on a budget, and it brings great total value to you and your dog. Ranger Dog Training has an experienced dog training staff that can help you with all of your dog training needs. Their silver level dog training package includes four private lessons, two group classes, and a two-week board and train. Ranger Dog Training also offers a free evaluation to see if your dog has the temperament and ability for professional training. We can also help you find a puppy or rescue dog that has the right temperament to train. Contact Ranger Dog Training today to get started on the best dog training in Metro Atlanta!