Platinum Level Dog Training

Platinum Level Dog Training from Ranger Dog Training is truly the pinnacle of all standard dog training programs. Call today to make your reservation!

Dog Training Is a Responsibility that We Take Seriously – Ranger Dog Training

If you, as your dog’s owner and primary caregiver, are not giving them the intentional structure they crave, they will never fully understand how they’re supposed to behave. This will almost always lead to destructive and undesirable behavior from your canine, as well as fear, timidity, loss of confidence, and many more unwanted canine feelings, as well as frustration from the owner who truly wants what’s best for their dog. If you’ve grown frustrated with your beloved pup, this is where One-On-One Training from Ranger Dog can be of great benefit to both you and your dog. The good dog you desire, and that your dog desires to be, is already in there. Let us help walk you through the right steps to bring out the very best in your dog with our Platinum Level Dog Training program.

You Won’t Find Better Training than Platinum Level Dog Training from Ranger Dog

Starting at $2,695, our Platinum Level Dog Training packages are designed to take your dog off-leash control, while still keeping your pup very much connected to you, and under control. With the most advanced training options, including 20 in-home training sessions, lifetime group training sessions and much more, our Platinum Level Dog Training package gives you tons of one-on-one time with our elite trainers.

The Platinum package includes a variety of command training for one-word actions or deactivations, and other custom commands approved by our trainer. Platinum training also works on helping your dog calm their anxiety, boost their confidence, be housebroken/potty trained, improve their manners, practice safety in all settings, and adhere to a specific set of boundaries. It will also help them stop many unwanted activities, but with spoken and unspoken command training. Additionally, your dog will learn to stop unnecessary aggression towards humans and other dogs, and stay with you on jobs, hikes, or bike rides, all without the use of a leash. Your Platinum Level Dog Training Package includes but is not limited to the following commands and training:

  • Come (stop doing what you’re doing, and come to my location)
  • Sit (come squat on your haunches near me, but at a comfortable distance)
  • Off (hi pup, it’s time to get off the people furniture and find somewhere else to relax)
  • Quiet (I hear what you’re saying, but it’s time to stop repeating yourself now)
  • Place (it’s time to rest or sleep now, you know where your rest area is)
  • Heel (walk with me, controlled, and stop pulling against the leash)
  • Down (forget about the haunches, come near me and lay all the way down)
  • Load Up (it’s time to get into the kennel, car, or doghouse)

With Your Platinum Level Dog Training Package, Your Dog Will Learn Unspoken Commands Like:

  • Stop jumping on people and other dogs
  • Stop biting and nipping
  • Stop bolting through opened doors
  • Stop running away from me
  • Stop chasing other animals
  • Stop begging/whining for food
  • Stop Stealing food that isn’t yours
  • Stop the incessant chewing
  • Stop digging up the yard