Gold Level Dog Training

For advanced training at a higher total value for your furry friend, it’s hard to beat Gold Level Dog Training from Ranger Dog Training.

Ranger Dog Training – We Understand the Needs and Truest Desires of Your Dog

At Ranger Dog Training, we know that dogs crave structure, despite what you might think about their rambunctiousness. They are happiest when they understand what you want from them, and our job is to solidify that communication in such a way that you and your dog will be in sync regarding your expectations and their general fulfillment. We love what we do, and we know it helps people and pups all across the country. That's why we offer the best dog training in Metro Atlanta, and specially designed packages like the Gold Level Dog Training package.

We believe that Ranger Dog Training offers the best dog training for your money in Metro Atlanta, or anywhere else across the country. Our dog training plans are designed to give you the most professional dog training possible, and the most long-term value for you and your dog. Our professionals truly work hard to understand the underlying causes of bad behavior, and help your dog discover their happiest, most fulfilled self. For those who are serious about helping your dog discover their happiest self, we recommend upper tiered packages, like our Gold Level Dog Training package.

What Will Your Gold Level Dog Training Package from Ranger Dog Include?

Your Gold Level Training Package includes 6 personalized, in-house training sessions with you and your dog, as well as lifetime group training sessions to help your pup acclimate to public obedience amidst major distractions. The Gold Package also includes loose leash training, anti-anxiety training, confidence building, housebreaking, potty training, and special training on manners, safety, and boundaries.

  • Come (beckon your dog to stop doing what they’re doing elsewhere, and come to your location)
  • Sit (sit down next to you in a controlled manner, off the leash, and at a reasonable distance)
  • Off (let your pooch know that it’s time to get off the furniture and find another place to sit)
  • Quiet (this lets Fido know it’s a no-go on the barking, and it’s time to find a better method of expression)
  • Place (whether your dog rests in a crate, bed, or somewhere else, this command takes them there)
  • Heel (this teaches your dog to walk with you, and to stop pulling on the leash)
  • Down (similar to “Sit,” this instructs your dog to lay down near you, at a distance)
  • Load Up (this literally teaches your pooch to get into the kennel, car, or doghouse)

Your Gold Level Dog Training Package Also Includes Training to Help Your Dog STOP Things Like:

  • Stop jumping on people and other dogs
  • Stop biting and nipping at people and dogs
  • Stop bolting through opened doors
  • Stop running away
  • Stop chasing other animals
  • Stop begging for food
  • Stop Stealing food
  • Stop unnecessary chewing
  • Stop all digging