Bronze Level Dog Training

Interested in Bronze Level Dog Training from Ranger Dog Training? Get the best value for your investment in standard dog training, and more!

Looking for 5-Star Dog Training at the Best Total Value in Metro Atlanta? Call Ranger Dog Training

While Ranger Dog Training remains one of the most-heralded personalized and specialized dog training facilities in the Metro Atlanta area, we consistently have dog owners seek our services from all over the United States. We believe that Ranger Dog Training offers the best dog training for your money. Our affordable dog training plans are designed to give you the most professional dog training possible. Ranger Dog Training offers the bronze level of training for your dog. Bronze Level Dog Training is the least expensive level of standard dog training offered by Ranger Dog Training, and is a great total value for your money.

What Will Your Bronze Level Dog Training Package from Ranger Dog Include?

Your Bronze Level Dog Training Package includes 4 personalized one-on-one sessions at our facilities, and lifetime group training sessions where your dog will learn how to obey you in a public, uncontrolled environment with many new sights, smells, and sounds. It will also include a custom array of commands and training techniques, like loose leash walking, as well as teaching your pup to respond accordingly to direct commands like:

  • Come (commanding your dog to leave where they are, and come in a controlled manner to your location)
  • Sit (not on you, not on your feet, but your dog will sit near you, without a leash, and stay until told otherwise)
  • Off (Dear Fido, please remove yourself from the human furniture and find somewhere else comfortable to sit)
  • Quiet (a perfect command for pups who insist on incessant barking, whining, or other verbal noisemaking)
  • Place (whether for a rest, or for the night, this command is designed to tell your dog it’s time to retire)

Interested in Exploring More about Our Bronze Level Dog Training? Ranger Dog Has You Covered

Bronze Level Dog Training from Ranger Dog includes many of the behavioral commands you may be looking for, as well as behavior modifications for your dog, and an increased sense of communication and coordination between you and your furry friend. Ranger Dog Training currently offers Standard Dog Training packages at bronze, silver, gold, and platinum levels, and we also offer advanced specialty training packages for service dogs of all major categories. Each training package has its own perks and value for your goals, and your dog’s capabilities. For help deciding what package is right for you and your dog, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to meet you and your furry friend!