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Dog Training

You already know that owning a dog is a big responsibility. You may even feel overwhelmed at times, caring for the life of an animal. To think of adding anything on top of that responsibility can feel impossible. But one important thing to consider is the long-term effect that dog training can have on the quality of life for your animal, as well as for yourself.

How Can Dog Training Benefit Me and My Dog?

Mental Stimulation

Dogs, just like you and I, can become bored and anxious. Many of the destructive behaviors that we find undesirable in a dog, such as gnawing, scraping, and uncontrollable barking, can be a result of this anxiety or boredom. Training sessions, whether private or group, will initially provide your dog with very healthy stimulation. We will also equip you with the skills you need to regularly engage your dog's mind, leading to a fuller and healthier life.

Good Behavior

As a kid, chances are you’ve had a parent or grandparent turn around from the front seat of a vehicle on the way somewhere, look you dead in the eyes and say, “You better be on your best behavior.” Back then, we probably felt that adults just wanted to suck the fun out of everything. But as we get older, we begin to understand that good behavior creates more opportunity for fun and relationship. In the same way, training introduces structure to the life of a dog, creating positive behaviors that ultimately provide greater opportunity for fun and relationship.

Proper Rest

Rest is a regular part of the life cycle of any living thing, but not all rest is created equal. The skills that you and your dog learn from training are meant to be carried on through everyday life. As you engage your dog in disciplines, you are providing them with the strong mental stimulation they need. This stimulation can be tiring for a dog. That’s a good thing, because a dog who is tired will experience greater rest, which is an important component to a much healthier life.


If you think about it for a moment, the strongest relationships in your life have been built through experiences; conversations, trips, and even walking through difficult situations together. Training gives you and your dog the skills and techniques needed to have experiences together. These experiences will quickly create a bond between you and your dog that every dog owner dreams of.

What Type of Training Do You Offer?

Group Classes

You and your dog will have the opportunity to learn together in a highly social atmosphere where you will have the opportunity to not only learn from a trainer but also other class members.


You and your dog will have the opportunity to learn together in a private atmosphere that is tailored to your goals and your dog’s needs.

Board and Train

Sometimes a dog needs highly-specialized training to break bad habits that are deeply engrained. With our Board and Train program, your dog will live in home with Ken, our lead trainer, for a two, four, or six-week period. This will help your dog receive the greatest care and training possible.

Consultations with Ken

There are times you just need someone to talk to about what’s going on with your dog. Consultations with Ken give you the opportunity to receive expert advice at your convenience.