Dog Daycare

There’s simply no better option for Dog Daycare in Metro Atlanta than Ranger Dog Training. We take caring for your dog to an entirely new level.

You Won’t Find a More Loving “Home Away from Home” than Ranger Dog Training

Ranger Dog Training is made up of people who are passioned, experienced dog people who literally cannot wait to meet, greet, and spend time loving on your pooch. These are the kinds of people who always felt a calling to work with dogs, and have since become gifted, certified, trained professional dog trainers who love every minute of working with every dog, and that includes your dog! We also recommend group classes as a way to get your dog ready for daycare. Group training classes also offer a great opportunity for you to assess your dog's progress and see where they need to improve in order to be successful in social situations. Ranger Dog Training offers group dog training classes that are designed to help your dog focus and listen to your voice amid all the commotion.

5-Star Dog Daycare from Ranger Dog Training is Hard to Beat in Metro Atlanta

When you choose Ranger Dog Training for your Dog Daycare of choice, your pup will enjoy daily walks, play time, doggy-friendly amenities, healthy snacks, and time getting to know and acclimate with other dogs and people. We even have a doggy treadmill if your pup needs or prefers indoor exercise. We don’t leave any pup alone throughout their daycare stay with us, partly because we take pet care very seriously, and partly because we just love spending time with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. We aren’t a part-time operation, we are a full-time dog training and pet care facility.

We have a fenced backyard to ensure your pup has a place to roam, play, and have fun. Being experienced dog trainers, we always have what we call “balance dogs” that will help your dog stay calm, have fun, and safely assimilate into daycare life at Ranger Dog. We do not have any breed preferences for Dog Daycare, and we have experience with many difference types of dog breeds. It’s important that your pup be vaccinated, and that you let our professionals know if they have any known behavioral issues, or health issues that need to be addressed or tended to. We have the ability to administer oral medication or give prescribed shots. We have experience working with special needs dogs, as well as senior dogs. We are current on all doggy First Aid and CPR training, so your dog is truly in the safest, most nurturing hands possible. For more information on dog daycare with Ranger Dog Training, please don’t hesitate to contact us!