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About Ranger Dog Training

At Ranger Dog Training, we truly believe that every dog is a good dog. A “bad dog” just hasn’t been given the proper care, attention, and training that they deserve. We also believe that each dog is unique and deserves a uniquely-tailored approach, which is why we offer various opportunities for training based upon your goals and your dog’s needs. At Ranger Dog Training, we practice various techniques, but the thread which runs through everything that we do is one of trust and care.

Everything at Ranger Dog Training flows from the heart of our founder, Ken Cappello, a U.S. Military Veteran with a heart for helping your dog discover their inner "good dog.

About Ken

Ken Cappello is a military veteran who grew up with a love for dogs. After leaving the military, Ken became a bus driver. One afternoon, a stray dog wandered up to the door of Ken’s bus. Ken discovered that the dog had been left behind to fend for itself by a family who moved away. Ken, having a compassionate heart toward dogs, especially abandoned or unwanted dogs, took him home to be his own. After working with trainers, Ken quickly discovered that he had a gift to train dogs himself. This sparked something within Ken that can only be described as a calling. Ken continued to seek out and learn from the greatest trainers he could find before eventually feeling led to launch Ranger Dog Training.

What People Have to Say About Ken and Ranger Dog Training

“I know Ken well, and was amazed at what he did to help us with our chihuahua, Taffy!”
“We rescue dogs from shelters and have always trusted Ken to help us acclimate the rescue dog with our own dogs. He has a way with animals that is so natural, and he seems to speak their language.”
“I'm so glad I found Ranger Service Dogs. Ken is a person who truly cares about us.”
“Ken did a great job with our Amstaff Terrier. He was always available and flexible.”

Saving Two Lives At Once

Ken, also established Ranger Service Dogs - an American nonprofit organization that takes dogs from shelters and turns them into service dogs for veterans experiencing PTSD. It’s proven that the ties of companionship and care established between people and animals can ease the suffering of our men and women when they come back from abroad. Shelter dogs and our returning vets both get a second chance at a full life.

“Ranger Service Dogs” which was founded in memory of a young combat veteran named Stephen Akins. Stephen returned from war, but felt overwhelmed due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Tragically, Stephen took his own life. After Stephen’s death, Ken knew he had to do something to help veterans suffering from PTSD. He didn’t want anyone else to suffer the way that Stephen did.

"Ranger Service Dogs" pairs shelter dogs with returned vets. We spend 24 months and $36,000 to prepare a service dog. However, our mission is to cut the costs and reduce the training time by instructing returning veterans to train their own pets.

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