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Give yourself and your dog the gift of advanced, specialized dog training from an experienced U.S. Military Veteran.

Personalized Training

Every dog is born with a unique personality. Our experts get to know the personality of your dog, and help guide them with the structure and instruction your special pup craves!

Individual Options

Group Training

Group Training Classes are available for a wide variety of pooches. Your dog will learn social interaction skills, how to act in public, how to work through distractions, and more!

Group Classes

There Is A Good, Happy Dog In Every Dog

We work to discover the root causes for any negative, destructive, or uncontrolled canine behavior, and help build a long, trusting relationship between you and your best friend.


Our experts help you and your dog work through any circumstance.


We have excelled in training every type of doggy behavior.


We truly care about the relationship between you and your dog.

About Ranger Dog Training

At Ranger Dog Training, we truly believe that every dog is a good dog. A “bad dog” just hasn’t been given the proper care, attention, and training that they deserve.

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